Been receiving the RS itch most of us get after a long time away from RuneScape game

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    Or you can do something engaging such as fight bosses with their mechanics for hours attempting to get a sought after item with a rare drop opportunity. You can spend hours and hours on this game and never come close to running out of things to RS gold do. I have 1 maxed out skill and personally have over 1k hours on my character. Actually it thats abilities and requires the average player 2300-2500 hours to max out each ability level. This doesnt include all of the item hunting, cash making, minigames etc in RuneScape game. Then proceed for OSRS if you enjoy having a feeling of achievement and grinding. Not to mention OSRS is playable on mobile phones. I would not urge RS3.

    Participant - RS3 or even OSRS for casual play?

    Been receiving the RS itch most of us get after a long time away from RuneScape game. I continue played so ago or 2 years. What sport is best for play? Something I will play with a few hours per day or so. The extended 12 hour days of my youth are far behind me, but I miss RuneScape game! Additionally, websites or any YT you'd recommend for guides? RS3 has a steeper grind and is best for endgame and PvM content, where OSRS is better for PvP. For casual play I'd say RS3. OSRS stayed true to'nature, whilst RS3 has things like bonus exp and even higher exp levels to help players reach.

    But there's no wrong or right response. It depends on what you want out of RuneScape game. Try them both. You will see which you'll end up needing to play with more. Honestly both are strong choices it just depends on what your tastes are. RS3 is more"contemporary" I figure and osrs is pretty much the classic game you remember but is clearly more afk (I guess). The 12 hour plays are a matter of the past with mobile. At doing such and chores, im afking stuff on cellular.

    I've got a mid level OSRS account. Regrettably my accounts is a goner since apparently September of calendar year. This was my account with each skill 80+ including 2 99s. Fletching I got while I was a sophomore in HS I think. I'm 25 now. I am stressing the starting over facet but I feel as though that I could catch up to my OSRS account rather fast on RS3. I loved pvm content. Barrows was a blast for me because of how simple it was. I remember trying QBD with Armadyl and may never make it past the phase, therefore that I doubt the high level bossing would be for me. I tended to cheap RuneScape gold stick with GW and Barrows inbetween.